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If you are a British Citizen or you are settled in the UK, means that you have obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain (generally referred to as, “ILR” and also known as, “Permanent Residence”) then, your Spouse or Partner will require a “UK Spouse Visa” to join you in the UK.

The Applicant & Partner in Spouse Visa must be over 18 or least and the partner must be either:

  • a) A British National
  • b) Settled in the UK like have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or have proof of Permanent Residence
  • c) Have a Refugee status or Humanitarian Protection in the UK

Under this visa route both Partners must be intending to live in the UK permanently. The children of any partner can also travel along. Initially the visa will be granted for, “2.5 Years” and after this period an extension for the period of, 2.5 Years” can be applied and may granted. After completion the period of “Five Years”, Permanent Residency can be applied and the UK Passport can be granted in total period of, “Six Years”. For English Language requirement Applicant has to provide Knowledge of English either through a Degree Taught in English or IELTS for UKVI Certificate with, “CEFR Level A1” at the time of submission of initial application. Whereas, when Applicant will apply for extensions, again an English language test i.e. “CEFR Level A2” will be required to pass. Further, Applicant’s partner in the UK must be earning Annual Income of minimum £18,600/-. Further, if Applicant has children who shall travel along with the Main Applicant then further funds will be required and sum of such amount in main value will be considered the, “Minimum Income Requirement”. However, English Test will not be required if the Applicant is over the age of 65, having a physical or mental condition that prevents Applicant from meeting such requirements. In addition, as per UKVI rules, if Applicant is national of a specified country then he does not need to provide proof of English Proficiency.

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