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The UK is the World’s most incorporated, globalized and business friendly economy, an extraordinary place to be on the off chance that you are a universal organization, speculator or agent. The UK has turned into the primary decision for worldwide organizations searching for new markets, business dependability and every one of the focal points that make up a World-class production network. Presently the biggest Commonwealth Economy. With record low assessment and a flourishing, gifted populace, London and the UK appreciate excellent money related solidness and are for all time open for business.

UK Sole Representative Visa Application:
This Visa route requires establishment of “1st Commercial Presence of the Company” in the United Kingdom. It can be accomplished by incepting a, “Branch or a Wholly Owned Subsidiary” in the UK. Applicant can move to the United Kingdom along with his/her whole Family. Initially, visa will be granted for, “Three Years” after completion this period of time, extensions can be applied for the period of “Two Years”. Lastly, after completion the period of “Five Years”, Permanent Residency can be applied and can be availed. All this process of 06 Years leads Applicant and his/her whole family to have British/UK Passport.

The Parent Company must be established outside EEA. However The Applicant and the Parent Company should possess the following characteristics;

The Applicant must be;

  • a) Recruited and working in the Parent Company
  • b) Holding a Senior Position in the Parent Company
  • c) Not a Major shareholder of the Parent Company. Ratio of shares must be 30% or less
  • d) Eligible and authorized to take/revise decisions on behalf of the Parent Company
  • e) Intending to work full-time for the UK Branch or a Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  •  f) Having Knowledge of English Language by the either way (Unless you are exempted based on specific Nationality);
    • Pass IELTS Test for UKVI, “Level A1” to prove Knowledge of English with at least, “CEFR level A1” in, “Speaking and Listening”
    •  OR
    • Having an academic qualification that was taught in English and is recognised by, “UK NARIC” being equivalent to a, “UK Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or PhD
    •  OR
    • Holding a UK Degree; at least Graduation

The Parent Company must be;

  • a) Registered outside of the UK and be engaged in business activities
  • b) Not already have established another Branch, Representative, or Subsidiary in the UK
  • c) Based and located outside the UK
  • d) Restricted to Branch or Subsidiary in the UK to operate the same type of business activities as the Parent Company is performing in Abroad
  • e) Not be intending to close business activities outside the UK (Note: a successful branch or subsidiary can be functional as overseas business as well as the Parent Company)

Marif offers innovative, viable and scalable business plan according to endorsing bodies by “British Certified Accountants”.

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