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Why study in Thailand?
Sun, sea, and sand are what drives most people to come to Thailand, but someone who studies here will find a lot more to explore in this culture-rich, fascinating, crazy, and incredibly entertaining country. Thailand is not all about relaxing and partying at the beach. Thailand is also world-renowned for their fantastic food that is bursting with flavors, and warm welcomes with second-to-none hospitality.
Thai people love Thailand, and with that passion for their country comes a great desire for you to have the best time in it. But there’s so much more to see and learn about this country, that it takes a lot longer than a two-week holiday to find it. That’s why more and more young and mature students are deciding to study in Thailand and mix their education with an experience of a lifetime.

A lot of prospective students won’t think about studying abroad because some don’t even know it’s possible. But it only takes a little time to find out visa requirements, where to stay, and, of course, the Bachelor & Master you want to study.

The benefits of studying in a foreign country are huge with the experience you get from adapting to a new culture, opening your mind to new ways of communicating, and becoming stronger from being the independence. If you are coming to Thailand for the best education, then you should try studying in a western country. But if you are looking for an experience that most people will never have, to learn a culture most will never know, and to truly grow educationally, emotionally, and professionally, then you should come to study in Thailand.

Why study at an international university?

There are a few reasons why it’s a good choice to study at an international school:

Learning a new language
If you study at an international school and you come from an English speaking country, this is a good chance for you to also learn a second language.
Cultural benefits

Working with and understand different cultures can be a big benefit for everyone. The world is getting smaller and having the skills to deal with different cultures is getting more important. Interacting and learning about different cultures would benefit students studying international business, or someone who wanted to have a wider understand of the world.

Financial reasons
Compared to western and richer Asian countries like Singapore and Japan, studying in Thailand can be a lot more affordable. The tuition fees can be more than half the price, and the cost of living is a lot lower too.
Studying in an international university gives you a great opportunity to meet people from countries all over the world. It’s also worth knowing that in Thailand it’s not only about what you know, but who you know, so having the right contact can help you and your future business a lot.

Thai education visa

A Thai education visa (Non-Immigrant Visa ‘ED’ Visa) is issued to applicants who wish to study, attend a seminar, training session, or internship in Thailand.

There are two types of visas available:

Applying for your education visa


Make sure you have followed the application process careful. Check the universities website for details.


If you have been accepted by the university, they will send you documents notifying that you have been accepted. The letters will include an officially stamped document that you can take to the Thai embassy in your country.


Once you have received the acceptance letter, you will be able to take your documents to the Thai embassy in your country to get your visa processed. This usually takes a couple of days.

Thailand is world-renowned for being “The Land of Smiles”, and if you ask anyone who’s recently been on holiday in Thailand about the Thai people, they will almost always praise them for their laid back approach to life, easy going attitude and great hospitality.

Your first visa will be valid for 90 days

If your application has been accepted and processed by your local Thai embassy, they will great you a 90 day ED visa which you will be able to enter Thailand with.

The first visa will only be for 90 days. Two weeks before your visa is about to expire, you should contact your university who will help you prepare the documents needed to extend your visa for a further 180 days.

Two weeks before your 180 days’ visa is due to expire, contact your university again to prepare the documents to extend your visa for one year.

Once you are at the point when you have extended your visa up to one year, this is where the renewal period will stay.

Looking for a place to stay in Thailand can be daunting at first. There are a lot of apartments and condos in the bigger cities, but luckily there are some good websites to help you find one that’s good for you. This is especially the case in the larger cities as there are more condos and apartments being built than people to stay in them.

Different Type of Popular Accommodation

There are several different types of accommodation you could be living in from high-rise condos to townhouses, but the three main types of accommodations that students normally find themselves living in are mansions, apartments, and condominiums, depending on budget and requirements.

  • Mansions – ฿4,000 -฿8,000 per month
  • Apartments – ฿4,000 -฿8,000 per month
  • Condominiums – ฿7,000+ per month

The cheaper option will be either a mansion or an apartment. You will find a lot of studio apartments between 25 and 35 sqm, but they will normally lack a kitchen and will mostly consist of a bed and wardrobe. Condos are the most expensive but comfortable of the three. The cheaper ones will normally be a studio room that covers 25-35 sqm floor space, will normally include a kitchen, and range between ฿8,000 and ฿15,000.

They are normally fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe, kitchen, and TV. Most often than not, a condo will also include a swimming pool and gym for the people who live there, but some may charge to use it. Sometimes the university own a floor at a condo nearby, but renting from them might not be the cheapest option, so it’s good to check with independent owners to see if they are renting them for cheaper.

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