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MARIF is a Professional Consultancy Services provider, rendering the Consultancy Services of “Visa-Immigration Experts in Residency-Citizenship & 2nd Passport as well as Corporate Law service Providers”. MARIF’s head office is located in 61 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4PG. London Borough of Redbridge, United Kingdom, with branch office situated at, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore, Pakistan.

MARIF is providing the following types of Consultancy Services.

    • A) Business Immigration
      • a) Residency
      • b) Citizenship
    • B) Skilled Immigration
  3. 3) VISIT VISA
  4. 4) APPEAL

Immigration to a country is completely an exciting opportunity. However, there are numerous stuffs you have to recollect before observe for statistics.

At MARIF, we precisely realize your desires. We carry out an initial assessment of potential clients and manual approximately the possibilities and opportunity in the desired country. Our dedicated experts are nicely competent with the rules and guidelines of relevant procedures, value concerned, required documentation, interviews, clinical and all different information of specified manners. We make sure that our best consultancy services are available to all of our clients and they reveal in problem unfastened Immigration & Legal techniques.

  • A) Business Immigration

People who want business immigration, they invest or start a business in the desired country/destination to support the development of a strong and prosperous economy of that country. The movement of the people to the desired destination-country of which they are not natives or where they do not have citizenship, but in order to settle or reside there, and some time towards the success of their current business/es.

  • a) Residency

It is the sub category of business immigration. Where a client invests a certain amount for business purpose in the desired country and that country allows him/her to reside there for a fix or indefinite length of time. For example United Kingdom offers different types of residency visas such as UK Sole Representative Visa, UK Innovator Visa, UK Start-Up Visa, UK Spouse Visa etc.

Above all discussed types of visas vary in terms and conditions accordingly. On Part, MARIF is providing the best professional Immigration consultancy services to invest in an appropriate manner in the desired country. We deal in business visa consultancy services for different countries i.e. United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Europe (Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Ireland & Cyprus), Turkey, Moldova, Montenegro, Australia, New Zealand, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Vanuatu.

  • b) Citizenship

A person may have multiple-citizenship. People they are allowed to invest or start a business in another country may have the citizenship of that country. If someone gets the citizenship that means he has the status as a recognized person under the customs and laws of that country and he/she is a legal member of that state or country and also belonging to that nation. Citizenship can also be said and often said nationality of that country.

MARIF is providing highly praised customer services and legal advises to its clients to get the citizenships of different countries such as Malta, Cyprus, Moldova, Montenegro, Turkey, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Vanuatu

  • B) Skilled Immigration

MARIF has been providing the consultancy services to skilled immigrants/workers. A skilled immigrant/worker is who; especially skilled, trained, have knowledge, and usually having acquired ability of work. A skilled immigrant/worker for example skilled immigrant/worker includes: Engineers, software developers, paramedics, and physicians etc. MARIF is providing the professional immigration consultancy services to its professional skilled clients for Canada, Australia and New Zeeland.


MARIF helps students to pursue their desired dream of acquiring international qualifications at affordable prices. Students will get International exposure and develop a more cosmopolitan, international perspective. It will open a gateway of new opportunities for them. We offer state of the art career counseling, foreign education consultancy services to aspiring and motivated students.

Our Services Include:

  • We guide students exactly, what documents are required for the course and eventually for the visa application, and how they need to be verified.
  • The student needs to send us the signed application form along with all supporting documents in our office. We check them on behalf of educational institutes for the authenticity as well as the minimum entry requirements for particular course. Later on these documents are sent to the proposed institutes for Admission Process.
  • As a recognized representative of overseas institutions, applications that are processed through us are fast tracked through their assessment processes. As well as can keep the student updated with the application status as provided by admission offices.
  • We have launched scholarship hunting programs under dedicated team of that holds a detailed database of available scholarships across the world and our experience will help the student to get prestigious scholarships according to their educational credentials.
  1. 3) VISIT VISA

MARIF is renowned in providing quality Visit visa Consultancy services. It is pioneer for successful visit visa cases. Its visit Visa Consultancy services include, leisure visits, family visits, business visits, and visits for medical treatments all around the world. Everyone can have an opportunity to get prepared their visit visa applications through MARIF to boost up visa success chances. It helps the visitors to visit their desired international famous tourist places at affordable prices. Visitors can get international exposure and develop a more cosmopolitan in international perspective. It will open a gateway of new opportunity for them. We deal in United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Europe/Schengen, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia and New Zeeland etc.

  1. 4) APPEAL

MARIF has the Team of Professionals“OISC Recognized Solicitors” who are expert in Appeal matters. Our Professional Solicitors are skilled in making appeal by Finding and Adding the Strong Grounds of the case. Our team strongly analyzes both Legal Aspects before Filing Appeal i.e. “Question of Law & Question of Fact”. Further, in regards to the Legal Provisions about the Immigration Law, our Experts prefer the “Ratio Decidendi”“Case Laws”“Precedents” and other “Legal References” are available in law as per the scenario of the case of our esteemed client. However, our Solicitors leave no stone unturned by utilizing their professional legal skills to work for the justice to redress the grievance of our client. We file the case on behalf of client in accordance with the case scenario, where remedy is available;

    • a) Administrative Review (AR)
    • b) Pre-Action Protocol (PaP)
    • c) Judicial Review both at Lower and Upper Tribunal

In Corporate Matters; our Professional Legal team is serving exclusively for Mutual Contracts, Business Transaction Matters, Consumer Protection Issues, Property Matters, Matters related to the Income & Sales Tax, Matters related to the Financial Institutions & Banks and all other Civil Cases etc.


MARIF has also launched the program of English Language Training; for “IELTS” and “IELTS for UKVI–A1, B1 & B2 CEFR Level” upto 8 Bands.

We care our Respected and valued clients. As we are also aware of the value of time; this is the reason that for clients’ convenience “We are Providing All Mentioned Services under One Roof”Please call us for an appointment or visit our office at DHA Lahore in your first preference and meet our “Professionals”. We are your best Visa | Immigration | Foreign Education | Residency | Citizenship | 2nd Passport CBI Programmes and Corporate Law service Providers with high quality consultancy services to achieve your future goals.

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