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Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean around 2,000 kilometers from the southeast bank of the African landmass. It was found by Portuguese pioneers in 1507. It incorporates the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agaléga and Saint Brandon. Mauritius is popular for settled majority rules system, monetary and political flexibility. Mauritius has an extensive variety of normal scenes and synthetic attractions. A portion of the world’s rarest plants and creatures can be found on the island. The multi-social and multi-ethnic perspective of the nation offers an ideal situation to seek after higher examinations.The economy of Mauritius depends on tourism, sugar, materials and budgetary administrations. As of late, data and correspondence innovation, fish, neighborliness, human services, and instruction and preparing are the vital areas, drawing in significant venture from both nearby and remote financial specialists. Mauritius is one of the world’s best extravagance tourism goals. It has sub-tropical atmosphere with clear, warm ocean waters, alluring shorelines, tropical fauna and verdure supplemented by a multi-ethnic and social population that is inviting and inviting

Why study in Mauritius:

There are various motivations to do as such, including the basic truth that this district has ample employments to offer the individuals who intend to remain long haul. Students come here for these open doors and additionally to be a piece of an exceptionally one of a kind culture. Advanced education in Mauritius contains specialized organizations, colleges and universities. The instruction area in the island nation is overseen by the Tertiary Education Commission, co-organizing preparing and post-auxiliary training. A MBBS program in Mauritius is a four and half year program. It has been seen that Mauritius is a favored goal for Indian students who wish to seek after prescription. Following are the real advantages of concentrate in Mauritius:

  • Quality of education continually checked by the Tertiary Education Commissions (TEC)
  • Low Tuition fee
  • Pay Course Fee simply after Visa
  • Low living Expenses
  • Open Economy and Favorable Financial and Labor Laws
  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Medium of instruction – English and French
  • Excellent Lifestyle with multi social orders and constrained social obstructions
  • Social and Political Stability
  • Benefit from free transport and public health care services
  • Acquire work experience while working up to 20 hours weekly.
  • Positioned in a characteristic calamity free zone and geologically safe from natural disasters.

How many international students are studying in Mauritius?

Around 4000 students from all over the world come to Mauritius consistently for their postgraduate studies and find the opportunity to encounter the glow of the nation. On the off chance that you intend to select as a worldwide understudy here, you will have your pick of instructive alternatives. In any case, there is just two fundamental state funded colleges show. This incorporates the University of Technology and the University of Mauritius.

Also, there are some Private funded schools displays in the nation too. A few territories of study are especially present here and sought after. This includes area of study such as,

  • Medicine
  • Information Technology
  • Fashion and Design
  • Management
  • Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Tourism
  • Dentistry
  • Dentistry

Mauritius is a peaceful place to visit, upscale, environmentally friendly country. Peoples love to use solar power and renewable energy sources. Lifestyle and culture are quite modern here with plenty to offer the student. Food options are numerous as well, though a focus on Indian and Chinese cuisine is very much present. Students will be able to participate in on-site clubs, societies, and various student activities.

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