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Greek International Travel Document (Greek-Passport) is the most Powerful Passport in the world ranked to the top at 04th Level, giving a “Visa-Free Entry”, & “Visa on Arrival”for 165 Countries”.

Greece is providing an opportunity to “Investors” around the world to invest a minimum amount of €250,000/- in “Residential Property” to have a Five-Year Residence Permit. This Residence Permit can be indefinitely renewed for Five Years at a time as long as the property is held. Greece introduced in 2015, a new Legislation in Immigration Laws to allow Non-EU Citizens who stay in Greece continuously for 07 Years to become Citizens. To get Residency of EU country, this is the best, fast and most economical way with the possibility of citizenship in future.

Policy & Application Requirements

In July of 2015, the Greek Parliament voted to pass the Amendment to the Immigration Act (No. 4332/2015), which provides that “Adult Foreign Nationals” who invest in real estate property of minimum amount of €250,000 in the Greek territories, are entitled to five-year residence permit, including the spouse and children up to 21 years old, as well as the parents of both Partners. This Residence Permit is valid for five years and can be renewed subsequently every five years, provided that the property is still in the ownership of the applicant.

  • Benefit for the Entire Family: The whole family can obtain residence permits through a single application.
  • Lowest Investment: Obtain residence permits with the lowest required investment amount among Schengen Zone.
  • Easy Procedure: No requirement for education, language level, business backgrounds or proof of funds.
  • Short Application Period: 2-3 months’ time before approval.
  • Stable Investment Without Risk: Invest in immovable properties, potential to increase value, and able to rent freely.
  • No Residence Requirement: Entering Greece before application is the only requirement.
  • Free Access to 30 European Countries.
  • Friendly and Comfortable Living Environment: Ranked one of the friendliest countries in the world with the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • Access to the Same Free Public Healthcare as Greek Citizens.
  • High-quality Education: Free access to Greek public schools during the compulsory education period or freely choose from the prestigious international schools.
  • Privilege to Joining the Greek Nationality: Investors in Greece can apply for naturalization after 7 years of legal residence (children in Greece with 6 years of public education or more can apply for naturalization).
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