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Cyprus’ Passport is ranked on the top at “2nd” among the countries providing “Citizenship by Investment”. Cyprus is providing Visa Free Travel/Entry to 150 Countries Worldwide”. Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an Island Country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the 3rd largest & The most populous island in the Mediterranean, located in the South of Turkey, West of Syria and Lebanon, Northwest of Israel, North of Egypt, and Southeast of Greece. Cyprus is holding the membership of “EU States”, “Eurozone”, & “Commonwealth Countries”. Cyprus has overcome the challenges of recent year and has continued on a solid growth path and maintained its status as one of the fastest growing Eurozone economies. With strong fiscal performance and new Large-Scale projects in the pipeline, it has exceeded international expectation and kept a steady pace in improving efficiency, implementing reforms and boosting investor confidence.


A few years ago, the “Cyprus Council of Ministers” approved the amendments to the Scheme for Naturalizations of Investors in Cyprus by Exception.  Under such amendments, Any Non-Cypriot Citizen may apply for Cypriot Citizenship through Naturalization by Exception by an Investment of at least €2,000,000/- in “Real Estate” or by investment in in any Cypriot Companies & Business,  but the Trail/source of investment amount should be required attested by home Authorized Govt. Institutes.

Citizenship is granted to the “Whole Family”, “Spouse”, & all “Financially Dependent Children” under 28 years old.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Applicant must be at least “18 Years old”
  • Certificate of “No Criminal Record” required
  • Make an Investment of at least €2,000,000/- in Real Estate (Purchase/Construction) OR
  • Invest at least “€2.5 Million” in “Commercial Units” in Cyprus, including a Residential Property valued at €500,000/- including VAT

Investment can be made through the following either ways,

  • Investment in “Domestic Property” of at least €2,000,000/- (plus VAT)
  • When the Investment includes any “Commercial Units”, then the Total Investment should be €2.5 million (plus VAT) Note: Residential property must be valued at a minimum of €500,000/- (plus VAT)

Withdrawal of Investment

  • The Investment can be sold after a period of “Three Years”, however, the Investor must always maintain a Residential Property in Cyprus, with the value of “€500,000/-” or greater (plus VAT)

Benefits of the Programme

  • Citizenship of EU within “7 to 8 months”
  • Citizenship to the “Parents”, “Spouse” & “Dependent Children” of the Investor/Applicant
  • Lifetime Citizenship
  • Permission to “Reside”, “Work”, &“Study” in any EU Member State/s (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
  • Visa-Free Travel/Entry to over 150 Countries worldwide
  • Dual-Citizenship permitted
  • No need to Physically reside in Cyprus
  • No Language Requirements
  • The Main Investment may be sold after a period of three Years, however, the Investor must always maintain a Residential Property in Cyprus, with the value of €500,000/or Greater (plus VAT)

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